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Stay up to date with all our latest news and fundraising activities. Keep track of your favourite animals, see how we work with national charities and read about all the amazing fund raising activities our volunteers do...

Amazon Wishlist

Throughout the year there are various things that we need in order to support all the animals that we do, please follow the link to find out how you can help us. 

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Boxing Day Dip 2016

The Brave mad fearless ladies that make up our team at the boxing day dip once again braved the the sea  on a day when the wind chill factor felt really cold and that was from someone who was wrapped up and not wet.  Hats off to you  ladies your are the best

Happy Birthday Carrie 95 years young today

Carrie is an amazing person not only does she give us half a day a week to work in our shop she also volunteers for other groups as well. 35 years after a normal retirement date Carrie carry's on giving her time with a happy smile.  Well done Carrie we appreciate your help. Have a great day

A VERY HAPPY ENDING.............

We meet some fab people through helping at Pawz, but every now and again, we get SUPER FAB people coming along. We got an enquiry recently which said those magic words - 'willing to consider any temperament and any cat who is proving difficult to rehome, whether due to age, health or temperament'.  Our most difficult to re-home cat got into his cat basket last Monday and is hopefully now sitting watching TV.

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Our cat co-ordinator helping the cats in Rhodes, Greece

Our cat co-ordinator Karen is a mad cat lady even when she is on holiday!!! As the regular followers of our Facebook page will have seen recently, she was collecting donations through Just Giving to help feed the street cats in Rhodes. Having been a very frequent visitor to Greece over the last 23 years, last year she was amazed by the work of the Greek Cat Welfare Society (Rhodes) because they are neutering street cats and the difference they are making to cat welfare on the island is huge. They also have winter feeding programmes. Karen decided to raise some funds to help and raised  650 to spend on food and much needed medical supplies.

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Co-op local community fund

We have just heard the great news today that we have four co-operative food stores and three funeral homes that will be supporting our cause.  If you shop at any of these four stores and you have co=op membership you may like to nominate us to receive the 1 per cent of your shop that goes to the Co-operative Local Community Fund.

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looking for foster homes

Do you love Dogs? are you at home most of the time perhaps newly retired or have that nice option of working from home do you want the freedom of not owning a dog because you travel from time to time or have family commitments that mean you cannot own a dog. but would like one? if so fostering may be a fantastic solution for you.

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great job done (almost done) 13the feb 2016

Almost at our goal of rehoming 80 rats we have two delightful girls still waiting for thier forever home.  Three months ago we had a call from a lady who had bought one rat from a pet shop to keep her single rat comapany as she had  a pair but one had died.  Unfortunately the pet shop gave her the wrong sex she had specifiied a male and had been given a female, a short while later there was a litter and another she rang us and we took 23 rats from her. 

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Calendar girls

A year ago we were asked to rehome two elderly girls Sally and Tara.   Amazing people adopted them and we have received updates from time to time.  At Christmas I received in the post a gorgeous calendar of pictures of the girls in various aspects of their new life.         “Now then" I was supposed to pass this calendar on to Sam who fostered the girls while we looked for their new home. 

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Busy fundraising weekend ahead for us 8.12.2015

We have been preparing for this coming weekend for some time now. We are having a teddy tombola at Sainsburys fulwell on Friday 11th Thursday12th and Sunday 13th.  On sunday the 13th We are also Having a teddy bear tombola and a till collection at ASDA Benton.  If you are in the vincinity of either of These stores please come and see us and buy a ticket and help us rehome all of these gorgeous teddy bears.

Strachan and Tyson Vets at Heaton Christmas raffle 6.12.2015

Strachan and Tyson Vets in Heaton are having a christmas raffle there is a dog prize and a cat prize to be won.  Christmas is a great time for fundraising and we really appreciate the help. Hope you sell lots of tickets.

Katie cooking cakes 1st Nov

Katie who works at Virgin Money Newcastle is cooking cup cakes and selling them at work to raise funds for us.  she already has one of these cake days under her belt and the next day is scheduled for 9th Nov.  Brilliant Katie hope you sell lots we love cup cakes. UPDATE 26TH 12.2015 katie raised £100.00 selling her cakes fantastic well done

Rabbit team to the rescue!!!

There maybe a shortage of rabbit vaccinations but this article just goes to show what a dedicated rabbit team we have! Unable to get single rabbit vaccines due to a temporary worldwide shortage, suppliers will only issue them in batches of 10. So early one Saturday morning, three valuable volunteers set out on a mission to collect 10 rabbits from various foster homes around the North East to get them to the vet to ensure they could be protected against the deadly VHD and Myxi diseases! Most of these bunnies once vet checked were then taken to their new homes and will hopefully get their happy ever after!

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we would like to thank everyone who is doing the Great North Run 12.9.15

We would like to send grateful thanks and best wishes to everyone who is doing the great north run tommorrow. Rachel and Laurance Arnott hope you enjoy it and Mark Meinham your just fab. You have ran for us for many years now. Your all great Hero's and Heroines no matter who what cause you are running for hope you all have a great day. Love from everyone at Pawz for Thought  

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It comes around fast every year but we are ready and raring to go.  A year of saving teddies washing them and getting them all wrapped and ribboned to go off to thier new homes with the people that win them on our Teddy Tombola.  We love doing the event at the air show we have been there for so many years now.  If you are going to the airshow please come and visit our stall there is often not much time to chat as we are intent on one thing and that is getting all of those teddies rehomed. However we love to see you all and hoping the weather is kind to us. You will find us in the area opposite Gabrielle's and the Salt House Kitchen just along from The Seaburn Hotel

Cat and his new dog - 15th April

On the night of Maundy Thursday, at the beginning of the Easter Bank Holiday, we had a phone call asking if we could help with a dog and a cat who's owner had died.  We went straight out to pick them up as there was no one to care for them overnight and was pleasantly surprised to find a youngish pug and an elderly Siamese cat. Both were friendly and delighted to see someone. 

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Power of microchips - 1st April

We took this gorgeous boy in last week when his 'owner' passed away. He was microchipped and when we looked it up, we found out that the microchip was registered to someone else. We got in touch, to find out that the cat has been missing for 4 years!

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Mothers Day! 11th March

 Yet another heavily pregnant stray cat! She has been living in a garden since Christmas. Why don't people get their pets neutered?  It causes chaos! Rescues are heaving with unwanted animals. Too many cats are turning up pregnant or giving birth in gardens, yards or sheds. Look at Florence and Betty taken in on the same day.

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Rat Rescue! -9th March

Rat Rescue Thumbnail

We received a phone call from a lady in South Denton saying there was a white rat in her garden. We left a humane rat trap set. A couple of days later she rang to say there was rat in the trap but not the right rat. This one was a brown! We collected the trap with the rat. When the rat arrived he was the most adorable tame rat with slightly curled whiskers.

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Seal Pups - 9th March

Rescue Seal Pups Released to Wild Thumbnail

Two seal pups have been released on the Northumberland Coast. Both pups were rescued by the RSPCA in early January. One was approximately 3 weeks old and the second was no more than 12 days. Working with Blue Reef Aquarium Tynemouth, our volunteers have nursed the animals back to health. 

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Lonely Guinea Pig - 21st February

Lonely guinea pig has his happy ever after! Poor Spot was such a lonely boy when he came to us. He was separated from his parents and siblings at 3 weeks old and left in a cage alone for the rest of his days until we was brought to us. He never made a sound when he came to us, no sqeek, no chatter, no purring until.... Flapjack came along.

From the moment Spot saw Flapjack he was popcorning with excitement, running and purring and within minutes of meeting Flapjack was grooming him.

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23 bunnies rescued

Rabbit Adoption Newcastle news Thumbnail

Pawz have recently taken in 23 rabbits from one household after their owner admitted she needed help. It was all down to a rabbit that she thought was a female being introduced into her original group which in fact turned out to be male. 3 pregnant females resulted in lots of bunnies!

Thankfully these rabbits are in the process of being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and are getting some TLC from our amazing fosterers.

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