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Stay up to date with all our latest news and fundraising activities. Keep track of your favourite animals, see how we work with national charities and read about all the amazing fund raising activities our volunteers do...

At a time when everyone is seeing the cost of living rise we are also seeing the numbers of domestic animals coming through our doors rising uncontrollably.

Here at Pawz we are seeing a time like no other. We are taking in as many as we possibly can but the numbers of cats and rabbits that we are dealing with and beyond anything we have ever dealt with. For every adoption there are several more animals instantaneously ready to take the place. 


Ways you can help us:


  • Monetary donations are incredibly supportive- they allow us to fund resources, medical bills and food bills. 
  • #adoptdontshop    There has never been a better time to adopt, there are thousands of animals across the UK currently sitting in rescue centres and it is vital people adopt rather than buy from breeders and pet shops. 
  • Donations of food- we go through hundreds of pounds worth of food every single day. Our rabbits eat stacks of nuggets and hay daily and our cats go through dry and wet cat food. Helping us to keep our stocks of food up is invaluable and you will always be met with a huge thank you from us! Our Amazon Wishlist link is below and any donations of food via our centre, charity shop and donation bins around the area are hugely appreciated!!!