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Rabbits love the company of their own kind. If you are thinking of getting a companion for your existing rabbit, then we can support you through the bonding process. All our rabbits are neutered / spayed which, along with many other benefits, really helps when pairing rabbits. Opposite sex pairings work best. We do not complete the adoption until you have a happy pair of bunnies. In this way, if it isn't working out we will take back the bunnies and you can always try with another if you wish.

Harvey is a stunning rabbit who has come into care after being left behind when his owners moved home. He is a beautiful boy!

Harvey needs a patient and understanding home as he can lunge if startled. We feel he needs to build trust and needs plenty of things to do in order to keep him stimulated. We know nothing about Harvey, we are guessing he has Rex in him as he has such wonderful plush fur. He is a stunning orangey, brown colour. What a beautiful boy! If you think you can offer an understanding home and are happy to work with Harvey sensitively then please contact us. Over the few weeks he has been with his foster Mum, she has found ways of managing his territorial traits and we are happy to go through this with potential owners. We find that he lunges when he first sees you but it is more out of habit and excitement rather than true aggressiveness, he doesn't bite just lunges a bit and can make a little growling sound. When you are patient and begin to stroke him, he can't get enough, proving to us that he is just a bit misundertood and probably a softy underneath that exterior.









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