Adopt One Of Our Other Animals

If tiny paws are your passion we always have a variety of small furries looking for loving caring homes we often have guinea pigs, gerbils, rats and degus to name a few.  Sometimes we have other types of domestic animals in this section 

We have two pals a blue kakariki we think and a lavender lovebird they came together and do seem to be great pals.  the lovebird likes to wander if you change the water bowl he shimmies out through he hold and has a good wander about while his pal gets very anxious about it all

we would like them to have a home where they have a safe place to fly and have some fun ideal situation for a lot of the caged birds we get is a cage indoors and a flight outdoors so they get the best of both worlds.  What we dont want is for them to spend thier lives in a cage. Wedo have other birds looking for homes as well.

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