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Looking for your purrrfect companion?  Pawz always have a large number of cats looking for their forever homes.  we know them well and we are confident we can help you find your perfect match.  Our cats are neutered. Kittens are on a recall system to be neutered as soon as reach the right age. All of the cats are micro-chipped. 

These two stunning ginger cats are desperate for a wonderful home!


These two are a barrel of laughs, Rory in particular! They are friendly, placid yet playful boys. They really are fab not to mention how beautiful they both are. Rufus will quite happily take a bit more of a backseat and enjoy the lazier life whilst Rory investigates everything but they are both wonderful cats. Rufus is timid and would not want to live in a busy, noisy home. He has struggled coming in to Pawz and doesn’t sell himself well when people come to visit. You have to be able to see passed the scared cat and see what he will become when he is back in a home. It will take him a while to come out of his shell but in the meantime you woukd have Rory to keep you entertained. Rory is protective of his mate and checks that he is ok and gives him a groom from time to time. They must be rehomed together. They have been indoor cats but would probably benefit from a home with a safe outside space so they can go out into a garden. 








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