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Looking for your purrrfect companion?  Pawz always have a large number of cats looking for their forever homes.  we know them well and we are confident we can help you find your perfect match.  Our cats are neutered. Kittens are on a recall system to be neutered as soon as reach the right age. All of the cats are micro-chipped. 

Marley is our longest resident by far and has just gone into a foster home to see what he is like back in a house with a view to finding him a new home. The longer he has been with us, the more difficult he has found it and there are not many people who will look at a cat that is a bit grumpy.  If you understand what is behind the grumpy nature, you feel very sorry for him. Cats like Marley break our hearts.

Marley was dumped at our shop just before Christmas in 2016. We were told he used to live next door to the person who brought him in and he had made his way back to his old home. They thought he was called Marley and was 8 years old. He arrived in a cat box with an old cat toy. He was timid with us and  strangers when he first arrived, so he never sold himself very well. He has gained in confidence with us and happily sits watching the birds and the world go by. He is a big cat and everyone always comments on how handsome he is but it never goes any further than that.  As the months go on, he has got a bit more grumpy because he is probably sick of living with us! He doesn't show himself off very well to visitors.  He has lived as a communal cat but it doesn't work very well as he prefers to be on his own.  He would prefer to be an only cat and just needs someone to give him a chance.

His foster carer has seen a big change in Marley in the short time he has been with him and he is even playing with toys. He sits on the window ledge in the sun watching the birds out of the window. He is fine to live with and Marley is learning to trust his new friend. I would love someone to take Marley under their wing permanently. The more difficult to re-home cats must get very sick of living in a shelter and wathcing all the 'easier' cats leave after such a short time. Marley needs a real cat-lover who will let him live under their roof while he is given time to adjust back to the cat he used to be. He is probably around 11 years old now and it is time he found his retirement home.


Marley 1Marely in sun

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