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Looking for your purrrfect companion?  Pawz always have a large number of cats looking for their forever homes.  we know them well and we are confident we can help you find your perfect match.  Our cats are neutered. Kittens are on a recall system to be neutered as soon as reach the right age. All of the cats are micro-chipped. 

Monty is a wonderful 8 year old boy. He has come into Pawz due to being taken to the vet to be put to sleep. His owner was moving and as we hear all too often, was not allowed to take him.


There seemed to be no other choice. Luckily the vet called us and we found him an emergency puppy pen as a temporary measure for a couple of days.  He has a very friendly, sweet nature. He is living communally now and we always find him snuggled up with Ollie. His little face is a picture, like we have found him doing something wrong! He can’t go to live Ollie because he is a pair with Tabitha, but it seems he would really like to go and live with another soft cat. He has had a bit of a tricky life, moved from one home to another and has moved out of his own accord a couple of times in the past. For whatever reason, he wandered off and was gone for 9 months until his microchip got him back home. Maybe he just has not found his true home yet? He would probably fit right in to an indoor life. He over-grooms his legs and tummy, so is fur is a bit thin in places, but it adds to his character and once he has found his loving new family, that would hopefully settle down. He does not have a skin condition, it is all down to how he feels about himself. We love him and the other cats love him. Could you love him?


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